Residents of Kalibr Technopark Enters the List of the Largest Integrators of Industrial Robots in Russia 2021

VEKTOR GROUP and Top 3D Group, Residents of Kalibr Technopark, entered the list of the largest integrators of industrial robots in Russia!

The analytical portal released an overview of the Russian market of During the survey conducted by TAdviser and NAURR, data from 72 Russian integrators were obtained and considered. Market participants were assessed according to two main criteria - the number of installed industrial robots and the proceeds from their integration in 2018-2020. To be included in the list of the largest integrators, the revenue for the announced period should have exceeded 100 million rubles, while the company should have installed 10 or more industrial robots.

As a result of considering the indicators of companies, they were all divided into three parts. The first part included 33 integrators who met two established criteria at once. Indicators of residents of  Kalibr are rightfully located in the first part of the list.

We congratulate the companies and wish them prosperity!