Technopark Hosts the Second Seminar of the Modern Fashion Marketing Training Programme

Having passed the way from small private ateliers, fashion has grown into a global industry. The segments of this industry are closely intertwined and work as a single well-coordinated mechanism, and today "fashion revolutions" are born not in design bureaus, but in hitech companies that create innovations that change the market.

But despite the fact that the fashion market is the most dynamic and volatile, each company must have a clear vision of its place in the market at the moment, promising goals in the market in the future and a realistic plan of concrete actions that should become a "bridge" between today and tomorrow.

On April 15 the second seminar of the MODERN FASHION MARKETING training program called "BASIC SCALES FOR MARKET SEGMENTATION. VECTORS OF CHANGE" took place. The speaker was Anna Lebsak-Kleimans, Co-Founder and CEO of FCG, who touched upon the following topics:

  • Modern understanding of fashion brand positioning
  • Price segmentation
  • Scale of innovativeness
  • Age and role models

The training programme includes 2 more seminars, which will take place on May 20 and June 17. You can register for the event by the following link.