Comfortable conditions for end-to-end technologies in the following industries:

Tool engineering and metalworking; Additive technology;
Self-driving vehicles and electric vehicles; Telecommunication technologies;
Medical research; Hydrogen power;
Creative industries

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Tenant Status Benefits

  • Access to government programs and supporting measures;
  • Use of the infrastructure on special conditions;
  • The involvement into production chains;
  • Access to a unique ecosystem of startups;
  • Regular business events;
  • Soft-skills;
  • Entering international markets;

Moscow City Government support gives:


Loans up to 100 million rubles, depending on the company’s OKVED


Subsidies for the purchase of equipment up to 10 million rubles

Seed investments

Seed investments and investment loans

How to become a tenant?

The status of a technopark's tenant can be obtained by a legal entity or an entrepreneur, who is a resident, carrying out economic activity related to research and development, technical testing, research, analysis and certification, information and communication activities and manufacturing.

  1. Define your OKVED
  2. Choose a vacant space
  3. Agree on a development plan with the Commercial Department
  4. Get information about benefits
  5. Receive a tenant status

For investors

Kalibr Technopark is a platform for the development of information technologies and solutions that unites more than 200 companies and unique infrastructure facilities in one territory.

  • Center of attraction for Russian and foreign high-tech companies
  • Support and co-investment from the Moscow City Government
  • Access to a unique ecosystem of startups and research teams
  • Access to government programs and supporting measures
  • High tech startups
  • Over 100 patents registered in 2019

Technopark News

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Animation Technopark

The only platform in Moscow that does not have age restrictions, which allows you to master skills in the field of virtual and augmented reality, motion capture technologies and create your own animated project in 36 hours.

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