Annual accelerator program me open date Technopark Kalibr

On 20 September, Technopark Kalibr hosted the opening of the accelerator, which is held jointly with Bauman Moscow State Technical University and 2Stars.                                  

The accelerator is an opportunity to get access to industrial infrastructure and expertise, find an investor, develop and scale a business.

Startup teams will take part in the programme. The priority areas are: "Human and social capital", "Safe urban environment and mobile logistics", "Digital governance".

Mikhail Kogan, Chairman of the Expert Jury, Chairman of the Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry Committee for Industrial and Innovation Policy, made a welcoming speech: "Despite the fact that Technopark Kalibr has a rich experience in supporting the startup community, and we have been running accelerator programmes for many years, this season, thanks to the interest in our platform on the part of such partners as the Moscow Innovation Cluster, the Moscow Innovation Agency, the Technology Bank project, etc., we are launching a programme that focuses on two target audiences at once: a student track together with the Bauman Moscow State Technical University and a track for small and medium-sized businesses together with the 2Stars project, a resident of the resident of the Kalibr co-working space.

200+ participants will go from forming an idea to submitting an application. The finalists will be the best ones whose ideas are characterised by innovation and products relevance. The Smart City track has already received applications from students of Bauman Moscow State Technical University, Moscow State University, University of Land Management and others; the projects of the participants of the track for small and medium-sized enterprises are focused on analytics and digitalisation of business, financial health, search for specialists, etc. Applications will be accepted until 26 September.

"Creating comfortable economic conditions, co-operation between the government, business and universities, all this gives maximum results. A solid investment fund, supervisors from the most advanced and successful companies, comprehensive support –this is the key to success and new opportunities for participants" - said Alexey Shaposhnikov, Chairman of the Moscow City Duma.

Vladimir Mokhte, Vice-President of the Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry, also addressed the students with parting words, drawing attention to the importance of "new inquisitive minds with their ideas" for the development of the city economy.

Alexei Kostrov, Executive Director of the Moscow Venture Capital Development Fund, considers the chosen topic very relevant for the development of the city. And he assured the participants that "the project that will be selected by the jury as the most investment-attractive will be provided with a small grant, and this will be the first step to receive further serious investments".

YuliaPovolotskaya, Deputy Director General of the Moscow Innovation Cluster Foundation, urged "don't be shy, try your luck, get involved in entrepreneurship". During its existence, the Foundation has provided support worth 10+ billion roubles in the form of grants and subsidies, and helped attract investments worth 8+ billion roubles.

Acceleration programmes are held annually at the Kalibr Technopark. The following projects have already been implemented: the Business Centre-Quorking-Technopark business lift system has helped to grow a lot of residents; the project of piloting innovative technologies on the city site (among which were Sber's startups and developments of resident companies); specialised courses for young people and students; participation in the city's actions Mosprom and the Day without Turnstiles. Programme participants are provided with benefits and subsidies for development.